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Gamepedia is the best entrance for you to enter the Antmons metaverse. Here you can switch between different characters and enter different types of games, including MOBAs, card strategies, and car gunfights, whatever you want.


Meta NFT

Meta NFT is a set of NFT definitions that can include MOBA attributes as well as SLG attributes, it can be extended to accommodate to more than one games. What an exciting thing! Players can continuously experience enriched gameplay contents just through ONE purchase of Meta NFT!

Antmons Marketplace

Antmons Marketplace is the supply ground for the guilds and the players. Users could sell, purchase the NFT items needed for their own purposes.



Players can livestream their fight, so that viewers can watch the fight and bet on winners. And then players can make money off their fame. Viewers can also interact, for example, they can purchase fuel packages and send troubling monsters to mess up the fight. That’s what SocialFi represents!

NFTs Item

Earn your NFTs item and join the game by opening blind boxes and sell it on the marketplace to make money



MONLI is the governance token and the only currency used to exchange NFTs on the Antmons Marketplace.

  • Staking NFT Prizes
  • Buying and Selling NFTs
  • Join DAO & vote on treasury
  • Transaction Fee
  • Placing Advertisement
  • Staking Rewards


  • 2022 Q1

    Market Analysis & Team Formation

    Whitepaper & Website Establish

    Meta NFT Development

    Seed Round Sale

  • 2022 Q2

    Antmons MOBA Alpha Test

    Social Media Marketing

    Private Round Sale

    Antmons Box Sale

    IGO/IDO on Platforms

  • 2022 Q3

    Antmons MOBA Beta Test

    Launch Antmons Games & Antmons Hold’em

    Issuance of Governance Token

    List on DEX & CEX

    Staking System Establish

  • 2022 Q4

    Antmons MOBA Powerball System

    Optimize Antmons Guild System

    Launch Token Pool Battle

    Multi-Chain Development

  • 2023 Q1

    Launch Livestreaming System

    Invite developers to join in

    KCC x Antmons Hero


Member 01/03

Michael Hin


Michael was responsible for the Clash of Clans and Supercell operation and a core member of Roblox publishing team. He has a deep understanding and experience in the construction of game ecology and community operation.

Member 02/03

Jackie Volavong


Jackie was responsible for the algorithm design and R&D of large-scale business commercialization strategy. He was also in charge of R&D of financial risk control algorithms in a well-known financial platform.

Member 03/03



Amelia is a popular and successful influencer active in mainstream social media. She was also responsible for the operation of a NFT trading platform. Relying on her own successful experience, Amelia has a deep understanding of artist operation (MCN) and NFT market promotion.

Investor & Partner

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